Home Discussion Forum what is aura? How can you see a person's aura?

what is aura? How can you see a person's aura?

how can you see someone’s aura are you born with it


  1. The definition of an “aura” is an energy field that surrounds or is generated by an object. A light bulb has a large “aura” of visible light. A magnet is surrounded by a magnetic field, or aura.
    Humans generate only three types of quantifiable energy: neurological, which is electrical in nature and travels along our nervous system, electromagnetic, which is linked to our neurological energy, and caloric, or heat energy.
    If auras were real, then each person’s aura would be visible to all “psychics” the same way – yet each “viewer” always has a different choice of color and interpretation of what that aura means. This infers that “auras” are something in the mind or imagination of the viewer alone. Occasional coincidences of interpretation occur, but not with enough regularity to be used as scientifically verifiable data.
    There is a photographic process, called Kirlian photography, which is lauded by “aura readers” and “psychic vampires” as being proof of this nebulous energy field. Kirlian measures electromagnetic fields, which are always in flux. Data obtained from the use of Kirlian photography is erratic and unreliable at best.
    The human eye cannot pick up and interpret infrared or ultraviolet light, nor can it detect magnetic fields. Viewing an “aura” is therefore impossible.
    People claim to be able to read “auras” for a myriad number of reasons – some do it to turn a profit, some to appear mysterious and wise, some because they have deluded themselves into actually believing they have extrasensory powers, some do it for the attention, and others do it for whatever reason seems best to them. In the long run, this “ability” cannot be proven to exist, in any way, shape, or form, and quantifiable results can not be obtained.

  2. ugh that bearclaw guy is such a kill joy…
    anyways, i can see some peoples auras, some peoples i cant. i dont know how or why. i think everyone has an aura, and yes, they’re born with it. i havent really looked into it, i just see them. but i think what they are is some kind of physical manifestation of a persons disposition. like if someone you know is always a calm person, they’re probably gonna have a blue aura.


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