what is Aura and how do i obtain it?

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i was reading a question on aura and it was moving physical things around her i want to be able to do that.

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Tommy O

You believe that stuff? I guess you believe in the Area 51 stuff too?

Robert D

You need to learn how to be fake.
Then it is very easy.

Ajani- He lives in you

Here is the exercise
You won’t be able to see it in an instance……….it takes time perhaps years to master it.


Lol, ones aura cannot ‘move’ things! They are simply the electromagnetic field that surrounds living organisms. Whoever said that was obviously only after attention, lmao!
Science now agrees that aura’s exist.


No, your aura doesnt move things around, it is the spiritual energy that permeates your spirit and body, and can be seen by those who are clairvoyantly aware, in colour form surrounding the body but brightest around the head..
I suspect you are talking about physical mediumship and telekinesis..Read up about it, but like all psychic and spiritual phenomena, it is not something to play around with….

elwood blues

The aura is the electrical field around a living organism. Every living thing has one. Sensitive instruments can reveal the aura of animals, plants etc.
The ability to move physical objects without actually touching them is known as telekenesis, said to be possessed by some people, although there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence.


Do you believe in dematerialization too?


Aura is the visible manifestation of the field of electro-magnetic energy that we carry around with us. Some people can see it and note the different colours. It can also be felt by others as they come up against it, but, although it may affect the way that others see or respond to a person, it does not move inanimate objects around.


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