What is astral travel? what is it for?





i know its an out of body experience, but where do you go? do you die physically? when you do travel, can you go back to your physical body? what is it used for? i heard its not spiritual and people use it to escape their lives and problems or escape their incarnation or karma. has any of you ever experienced astral travel? is it good or bad? do you know the benefits?


  1. astral travel is when your soul leaves your body to travel or go to the Akashic Records, which is the place of knowledge and wisdom. you will be able to learn everything from there. no limit at all. it is the library and all information about the world is there. this can be done consciously or subconsciously
    you don’t die physically and astral travelling isn’t bad but you have to make sure that the places you are going to is not the etheric level. you have to travel as high as as you can. it is NOT true that you soul can get stuck out there and you would not be able to go back to your body. you have a cord that pulls you back in if you choose to. also nobody can take over your body while your soul is not there. everybody has their one own body.
    with astral travel, you can do anything at all, you can be a princess, a mermaid and mystical things. you can meet dead relatives, go to heaven, go travelling the moon, the planets, the earth, you can even see angels, guides and God. anything is possible in the astral realm. it is a fantasy world in there. you can even have sex with other entities.
    you can just imagine where you want to go and you will be there easy as a pie. you can even see fairies, goblins anything. astral travelling (or projection) can help your physical body rejuvinate from any kind of sickness. astral travelling can also be used to help you with your earthy problems. there are lots of guides you can talk to about your problems and troubles.
    if you are going to astral travel by escaping your earth life, when you die, you will still be reincarnated exactly the way you are in your previous life. lessons need to be learned that is why we are here on earth. if you are going to escape them by astral travelling, you will keep reincarnating to the same as you are now until you deal with your own troubles.

  2. I think astral traveling can be controlled or not. For example if someone is in a coma then usually their spirit is attached by a “cord” to their physical body so when you are in a coma you are literally dead but your spirit is still hanging on. If you die for a few minutes and then you go out of your physical body and then back in again. You can also do it by meditating but I don’t know what its used for. You can go back in to your physical body again and there’s always bad and good to everything, it just depends on what you use it for. I don’t know if people can use it to escape there lives because you are basically “not awake” when this happens. I heard though that you can get stuck and not be able to go back to your body if you do not know what you are doing.

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