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What is astral projection really?

I have been doing research on astral projection for quite some time now and I am still a little confused with what astral projection really is. When you are astrally projected, are you still on earth, and can see things as they happen on earth, or are you in a totally different dimension? Or, can you switch between the astral realm and physical realm? For example, if you separated from your body, could you look into a room with a locked door and see whats in it? Please answer this if you have experience in astrally projecting or have done research on the topic.


  1. Its moving your thinking minds perspective to your projectable astral double so you can explore the infinite other dimensions of the astral/spiritual planes.

  2. Well aside from all the Lucid dreams mistaken for astral projection and hypnogocic hallucnations caused by sleep paralysis mistaken for astral projection. If you mean the real deal then the idea of it is supposed to be your soul leaving your body and your soul is attached to your body with a silver cord they say. However alternatively you could say its your consciousness slipping into other locations outside of your mind. Basically i heard before that the brain on the subatomic level is like a quantum computer and the molecules are connected with other molecules in other locations so your consciousness just shifts location.


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