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What is astral projection really like?

I’ve been reading about it and I’m just wondering to anyone who has tried it and it worked. Do you really open your eyes and you are standing there looking at your body or are your eyes closed kind of like you’re dreaming? Also what is the best way to do it? I tried it once and I started feeling kind of weird but I stopped because I had to take care of my dog. And while you’re trying, do you keep your eyes open or closed? Thanks! Oh and please don’t say how dangerous it is because I know. I just mostly want to know what it’s like…


  1. I can’t purposely go into it or anything, but when I do it is amazing! It’s so life-like and I everything that goes on in the dream I feel, whether it’s soaring through the skies, getting shot at, or the consequence of trying to save a little one, I feel it. Absolutely amazing. While I’m dreaming I’m not thinking, “Oh, this is just a dream.” Really it isn’t until I come plummeting into my body that I realize it was indeed a dream, which, of all the feelings I experience while doing it, I enjoy the feeling of being forcefully thrown back into my body. No sarcasm, it is just my favorite.

  2. it feels like an out of body experience. ive heard from people that pratice this is to do it in a cold room (set your ac to 60 degrees); clear your mind before you sleep and sleep on an arch (put a pillow under your lumbar area). then, the split second before you sleep, you concentrate on getting out….obviously your eyes are closed and a good indication of crossing that threshhold is a loud ringing in both ears.
    or so ive heard….
    never tried it…. tell me how it goes.

  3. Astral projection is a truly amazing experience. As one of my instructors used to day, I could describe to you all day how an apple tastes, but until you actually bite into an apple and taste it for yourself you will not know its crunch, its sweetness, or its taste.
    There are a lot of books and sites out there that give techniques to try and help one begin to astral project. My personal tips from experience are to try and become as completely relaxed as you can. This means you should quiet your mind from any stresses or anxieties you may have. After this get in a comfortable position and either try and get out on your own, or use a technique you’ve read about, like picturing a rope suspended above your body that you climb up. I might also recommend that you draw or cast a circle around yourself for protection before you begin. To do this, simply be inside where you’re going to be, take an index finger and trace around yourself. Then declare aloud something like, “This space is pure, nothing can harm me within it.”
    As for my personal experiences…
    I have astral projected a few times, but its usually to dance amongst the wind.
    One time that I remember, a friend and I were trying to Astral Project and we were in her backyard. We took precautions of making a circle to be safe. Me and her were Wiccan. Anyway, I was up in the air and I heard a bird almost inside my head, like right behind me. I almost backed into it until it squawked. The bird scared me because it was so close. This made me return to my body. I heard the bird up in a tree across the property. The strangest thing about it was I heard the bird right behind me and across the property at the same time. My brain did not process it this way though; instead it was like the two instances of me hearing the same sound were me in two different places.
    Sometimes when I am out in a storm that’s rather windy I love just finding a strong gust of wind and the best way to describe it is surf it. I’ve never been surfing on the ocean, but I’d imagine it must feel something similar. I’m not sure if its a good or a bad thing, but sometimes I can’t tell where the wind ends and I begin.


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