What is astral projection? I am wondering if it is really possible? any information on the truth or myth?

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No, it’s just a myth. If anyone could actually do it, this guy would give them a million dollars for an easy 5 minute demonstration.


astral projection is basically having an “out of body experience.” i know a few people who have claimed to have done it that aren’t liars or new age weirdos so i tend to believe its possible.


It’s True, and wonderful, but takes time to master, and much patience. This will explain more than any other site:
Good Luck, and enjoy!


i have had many o.b.es. it is so so possible. i have flown into space and i have seen my grandad who died in the war. i reckon you and anyone can do it, you just got to have that drive to do it! give it a try. everyone needs to experience it to believe it. good luck and if you have any luck, i will meet up with ya on the moon for a cup of tea and a cheesemoon sandwich.
goodluck!! steve


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