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What is astral projection and how do it occur?


  1. Astral projection is when the soul temporarily leaves the body, yet they remain linked. Some people have claimed to have traveled as far as outer space during astral projection. Others have vividly and perfectly described places they have never visited before or people they have never met who actually exist. Have you ever felt a strong sensation, as if you’re falling down, while you’re falling asleep and it causes you to wake back up suddenly? That’s supposed to be your soul starting to leave your body, but since it’s a very strong sensation, it scares nearly all of us awake.

  2. heck man,i hav astral projection almost evry night. I travel to a place called andreon and visit S.R INC…………..though i cannot say wat that is…

  3. Soul is embodied in the physical body.
    It has an astral body too. That is where emotions come from.
    It has a causal body where the memories of past lives in a physical incarnation are stored.
    A mental Body, all mind stuff.
    Astral projection is as simple as focusing in on that body and experiencing its point of view. I do not recommend this with out a mentor. It can be very dangerous. And if I recollect correctly, even death my result to the physical body or lost on the astral plane, stuck. The astral plane is vast and best explored via Soul Travel. It has some pretty hellish places, where nightmares come from. Be very careful.
    Hope this was helpful.

  4. I had astral projection!!! Floated out of body and saw back of my head in great detail, lol, got scared and went back in


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