What is Ascension Day or Holy Thursday mean to a Episcopal and a Catholic ?

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Ascension Day is the day that Jesus ascended to heaven after the Resurrection. It is 40 days after Easter. Holy Thursday, do you mean Maundy Thursday? I don’t think of it as the same as Ascension day. It is Maundy Thursday to me. That is the day that Jesus had the last supper and the night that he was taken by the guards when he was in the garden. It is one of the days in Holy Week just before Good Friday.


two different things. but holy thur is the day before christ died and he instituted the mass at the last supper.

denise t

It is the day when Jesus ascends into heaven it is 50 days after Easter


Ascension Day is the day when we commemorate the taking up of Jesus into heaven after he rose from the dead. In older Anglican books, it is called Holy Thursday, but nowadays that name usually refers to the Thursday in Holy Week, also called Maundy Thursday.


HOLY THURSDAY – Also called Maundy Thursday, the anniversary of the Last Supper, when Christ instituted the Eucharist, the Sacrifice of the Mass, and the sacrament of the priesthood. On Holy Thursday, since the early Church, the blessing of the holy oils has taken place. The Church’s emphasis in the revised liturgy for Holy Thursday is on the institution of the priesthood.
ASCENSION – Christ’s going up to heaven forty days after his resurrection from the dead. All the creeds affirm the fact, and the Church teaches that he ascended into heaven in body and soul (Denzinger 801). He ascended into heaven by his own power, as God in divine power and as man in the power of his transfigured soul, which moves his transfigured body, as it will. In regard to the human nature of Christ, one can also say, with the Scriptures, that it was taken up or elevated into heaven by God (Mark 16:19; Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9, 11).
Rationalism has denied the doctrine since the earliest times, e.g., Celsus in the second century. It tries to explain the Ascension as a borrowing from the Old Testament or from pagan mythology, but in doing so omits the basic differences.
Doctrinally the Ascension means the final elevation of Christ’s human nature into the condition of divine glory. It is the concluding work of redemption. According to the Church’s common teaching, the souls of the just from the pre-Christian era went with the Savior into the glory of heaven. Christ’s Ascension is the archetype and pledge of our own ascension into heaven. (Etym. Latin ascensio, an ascending, ascent.)


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