What is an explanation for the extraordinarily pleasurable feeling I get from practicing yoga?

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After I do yoga I feel really good. Music sounds better, food tastes better, I am altogether a kinder and happier person. I have discussed this with others and I am not alone. Does anyone have a reason for or explanation for this?

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I don’t know, but dang I want to start practising yoga now though!!!


Yes the answer is ZEN. After doing yoga you are more connected to your inner self, your spirit. Runners get the same feeling.

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endorphins are released

Michael S

Sounds to me like an endorphin rush, also known as runners high. It is fairly common, but still very pleasurable. enjoy!

swiss cheeze

ok how does that work im not trying to be rude but its just hard to understand arent u just kind of sitting there? id try yoga but i guess you kinda need someone who konws what theyre doing


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