What is an etheric state?

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In the middle of the Lemurian era,beings existed in an etheric state? is that true or false?

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I believe it is true.


The main areas of difference are in the classification of the human principles and the ‘planes’ of being. These differences stemmed from the division in the AB/CWL system of the physical plane into seven subplanes, with three of them regarded as dense physical and four as ‘etheric’, a term first used by Leadbeater to describe four states of matter he had observed during a clairvoyant examination of the common physical elements. http://www.katinkahesselink.net/metaphys/etheric.htm
Since “etheric states” were “observed” and “described” during a “clairvoyant examination” I would say the chances are nil, scientifically.
Supernaturally, however, anything is possible. Are you a believer?

8 Ball

A state of mind which is overtely religious, a heighthened level of spirituality and awareness.


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