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what is an effective way to at least temporary get rid of personal selfishness and ego?

I’ve noticed that when I’m exhausted due to sleep deprivation or due to lack of energy from fasting I don’t even have time to feel selfish and for some reason feel more spiritual inspiration
dear ava – I never heard that meditation can help you be less selfish and self-concentrated


  1. Read a book about many of the stupid things humanity has done as a whole. Or keep a skull on your desk like medieval monks used to do. Or go down to the soup kitchen. Your choice.

  2. When you’re tired, the body and mind are in a more vulnerable and humble state, which lowers the ego and opens you more to spiritual communication. Basically, you lower your wall, which is what God would like from us all the time. So if you can learn to maintain that during your waking hours and replace the wall with trust in God, this would help keep that connection.

    [edit]A few suggestions
    Be nice to people and give help to someone who requires it. Remember by helping others you are also helping yourself in the long run.
    Doing a true act of unselfishness usually brings happiness to the giver because happiness is about giving rather than receiving. Happiness it is not about how much money you have in the bank but the level of selfishness that you have. The more selfishness the less happiness — perfect inverse proportion.
    Be honest to others and to yourself, and if you need to ask somebody for some favor do one in return.
    Put others before you, especially your family and friends. Find out about their needs and wants and then think of your selfish ones.
    Be considerate to people you know and to strangers. Remember a good deed never goes waste.
    Don’t interrupt people when they are talking to give your own view or tell your own adventure, it is not only rude and disrespectful it is a pure and simple act of selfishness.
    Volunteer to help at soup kitchens and natural calamity areas and wherever you think your help is rewuired.
    When you do something for someone, don’t become condescending and pompous about it.
    Don’t try too hard. Let it come to you slowly but surely and you will enjoy it more.
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    Volunteer, go help in shelters. clubs etc. Will help you to be less selfish and less egotistic. True .
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  4. The ego is the force of desire in a person which develops a person and therefore it does have a purpose. It is not really the desire for something that is bad because it is actually the substance that constitutes us and is neither positive or negative, but it is how we use our desire that make it positive or negative. Desires always appear first in the corrupt egoistic form and thus a person should recognize it and take steps to correct it. It is important to see that while it is a desire for the self, it is harmful to yourself and others, and from this point you can start to build a desire for the right intention over top of it in order to use it only for good, in a giving form.
    Acquiring the intention to give over the desire is what sanctifies it for a good use so it becomes a merit instead of a something harmful. At this point the pleasure is at last received in it and is covered and multiplied by the pleasure a person feels in connection to another in the giving nature. Essentially, you loose yourself in the love of another. This is a short description of the exulted spiritual form of giving that we were created for, and the goal and purpose of our life is to discover how and for whom do we use our desires correctly. The following links provide everything you need to understand yourself and also the way to rise above the ego to love of others.


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