Home Discussion Forum What is an easy way to see your aura? ?

What is an easy way to see your aura? ?

I am just starting to study crystals and thier healing power. But I cannot see my aura or anyone elses….what is an easy way to do this?


  1. You will see an aura if you tag yourself in the forehead with an aluminum bat.
    Afterwards you can explore the healing powers of a chilled steak, or your crystals.

  2. The part you are looking at is easiest to see when there is a white background and the light is slightly dusky. Unfocus your eyes and you will see a colored glow.

  3. takes practice to start with…learn to relax your mind and “soften your gaze” (helps to have a white background and indirect lighting in the room…concentration without concentrating too much (if that makes sense), using your third eye… the aura will start out white more than likely…but if you can maintain your state of mind, other colors will begin to emanate from the fringes of your body
    the key is to practice and not to stare at any one particular point…both hemispheres of the brain need to be balanced


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