What is an aura ?

An aura is a luminous light derive from an energy field that surrounds and radiates upon a human being.

In addition to, an aura is not only perceived from a human being but is also seen from any living thing. An aura can be seen in a luminous white or in a variety of the color spectrum.

A living thing, specifically a human being varies in the color of the aura. It depends on the emotions of the person.

It is believed people who have pure hearts having unconditional love for everyone carry a pure white color aura around them.

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Aura Colors reflects the positive or negative energy or emotions that a person emits towards the others.

Not everyone has a white aura as Aura color varies. Another thing to be considered is the color aura can be effected by the color of clothing he or she is wearing. If she wears green then you can read his or her aura in green.

There is also a belief that if one reflects another spectrum of colors except black, it is because of the white aura she has.

The white aura reflects the vision of the reader or the one who can see one?s aura. To break the positivity, the black aura is the negative opposite of white aura. Black aura does not reflect another color.

Thus, black aura never gives back.

Black aura is not reflective as white which makes it selfish. Black aura can be thought of as a bad aura.

Even one?s aura varies, a white aura should still be developed and still be present to achieve positive effects on the person or to the others.

To always have a positive or white aura, Aura cleaning and healing should be done on regular basis. Cleaning of one?s aura is emitting the negative moods away.

To keep yourself uplifted, sometimes, you need to keep yourself away from people with anger, bad moods or people with hatred or ill-will.

People who do not even know how to control their moods make you feel weak and mad, too. Because of this, your white aura loses its protective control over you. However, there is a key to solve this negativity.

Meditation is a powerful tool to clean your aura at times when negative people are there to disturb yours. Simply meditate yourself out so you can still manage your white aura over you.

Meditation not just cleans your aura but also has good effects on your body physically and mentally. It drains away from the blockage that causes your body to build sickness and it improves your body functions. This way, no harm will be present if you practice meditating regularly.

Spending time in nature is also another effective technique to heal aura, Sit under a tree and if possible hug a tree everyday for few minutes everyday will make your aura shine in few weeks.

While sitting under a tree or in a quiet place in your room, you can Practice this AnaPanasati meditation originally discovered by Buddha for grounding.

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