• An aura is a fictitious glow around a person that some people claim they can see. Only certain people can “see” them because it is primarily a result of power of suggestion, and facilitated by optical illusion arising from retinal fatigue. And of course there are some people who exaggerate what they think they see vs. what they imagine they see and mislead others.

    Any time any aura readers has been scientifically tested using controlled conditions, they have failed, every time, as kandinskys described. Moreover, the instructions I’ve read from believer web sites on how to “see” auras are very conducive to the same kind of retinal fatigue that many optical illusions depend on.

  • We have auras in the sense of electrostatic fields that all life have from plants to animals. The paranormal aura is more likely a human construct. Parapsychologists have tested ‘psychics’ under controlled conditions. People say that auras surround our bodies from maybe an inch or more with ‘enlightened’ folk having auras that are great in size.

    With this in mind, a selection of psychics were asked to describe the auras of test subjects. This they did with some clarity and each person’s was different. The subjects were then asked to stand behind a cardboard screen and to be in contact with screen. The hypothesis here would be that the aura would be visible to the psychics through the card.

    No psychic could correctly identify the people behind the screen. The hypothesis was therefore null. On this basis there is no evidence for auras. I think the belief in auras is analogous to the Emperors New Clothes.

  • Auras do not exist. People here are calling them things like ‘heat fields’ or ‘energy fields’ without any idea of what that means. These things could easily be tested for – and they don’t exist. Sure, the human body puts out heat in the form of infrared radiation. But our eyes can’t see infrared.

    Only certain people can see them because only certain people have either eye problems or a need to lie about this sort of thing.

  • An aura is a feild of energy around the body. Everyone has one. Only certain people can see them because they’re third eyes are more developed. The third eye is a chakra, an energy center, located in the center of the forehead, and it governs spiritual “sight”. When opened and developed, you can actually see through it (for example: I’ve walked down the street with my eyes closed but was still able to see the path in front of me). This is where you see the auras through. This is also where you’d see spirits through. I’m a feeler, so my sight isn’t very well developed, so like the other gal, I can feel auras, but I can’t see them very well. I can’t make out colors. Problems in the body, emotionally and otherwise, often affects the aura. So the color of the aura changes due to mood or sickness, and how sick you are can affect what color the aura will change to. The more sick you are, the darker the aura will become. So, if you’re really sick, the area of the aura directly around where the sickness is located turns black.


    just because YOU can’t see it and YOU can’t measure it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Please don’t presume to speak for me, I can speak for myself, and more to the point, I don’t lie (why in the world would I??) and I have perfect vision. thank you.

  • basically, humans create heat, and this heat transfers certain lightwaves (colours) which are asociated with particular emotions, mind-sets, etc.
    some people are open to particular doors in the brain, and are therefore ‘gifted’. just like some ppl can see ghosts, or are psychic, etc.

  • I don’t see auras but I can feel them. For me its like an energy force field. Certain people feel or see them because not everyone is in touch with their inner abilities and some people choose to not beleive in those abilities. For those that can feel and/or see them, its about perception. We all perceive things differently so your going to get alot of different answers.

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