What is an aura? Is it good if its strong?

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Someone told me I have a strong aura. I really don’t know what it is & what it means. She also told me good things are coming my way.
Can someone explain what it is?

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an aura is a nonsense thing invented by humans to explain the supposed “energy” of living things

Middle of the Road

If it’s too strong, you might need a new deodorant.


The aura is the envelope of energy that surrounds all living things, and even some non-living things. It can be seen by some gifted people and photographed with a special photography system called Kiralin photography.
Yes, having a strong aura is a good thing. You cannot tell the future of a person by looking at their aura, however, so I do not know how the person who told you good things were coming your way got her information. I am somewhat leery of people who claim to know the future. However, as an Energy Worker and a Reiki practitioner, I assure you that the aura is real. Did she mention the colors of your aura and what they meant?


it’s your energy and life force that surrounds you. Some people can actually see it. Most people can sense it if they attune themselves to it.

meghann elizabeth

if you were wondering what an aura is, its like when you look at things you may see an outlining of a certain color around whatever your looking at, i always see my aura, sometimes its kinda hard too though, theres a website called online dictionary.com and you can look up aura. by the way, different colors mean different things. you can see aura on another person and you can tell how they feel, pretty cool huh? if you ever see silver twinkles on someone then there pregnant, awesome, ive never seen it though, theres just this website with an aura expert, but put your hand on a white piece of copy paper and you might see your aura, its cool. you might lose it when you get older like most people do but sometimes people keep theirs forever. and whoever said you have good things coming your way then shes not lying, she must still have hers. its like a visionary way to read minds, kinda though.

kristen s

Did she have a paper bag with a bottle sticking out?



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