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what is an aura and what do the colors mean?

I wanna know what the different colors mean and stiff.


  1. People don’t have auras. If you are seeing colors then you are showing signs of a serious medical condition and should see a doctor before assuming you have magic powers.

  2. anyways auras like the person somewhere above me said it depends on a persons emotions and also their own spiritual level… if you want to see auras i suggest you find a group of ppl that meditate.. i have only had one opportunity to see a person aura and that was after much meditation
    you can find many websites with descriptions of meanings in the end it always depends on the persons emotions

  3. Auras are in essence the life energy of all living things on Earth and beyond. All human beings have auras (even the dark ones), all animals and, yes, even all plants have auras. Even the Earth itself as a living entity has an aura. Auras can tell you the mood of someone, their psychic abilities as well as sickness or what effect the exchange of energy has on something living – for example how a smile effects someone or talking to a plant.
    The Colour Red – red is the colour of physical energy but also of an overwhelming of emotions. When you are feeling tired or burned out and need a pep up of energy concentrate on this colour and allow yourself to be filled with it. On the other hand when you are feeling overcome with emotion and/or angry concentrate on the opposite colour of green. Anyone about to or actually using a tremendous amount of physical or sexual energy will have a lot of this colour in their aura as, of course will anyone stressed out to the point of anger or frustration will also have a lot of this colour.
    The Colour Orange – orange is the colour of cleansing. When this colour is seen you need a vacation form your life. Get out and have some fun and social interaction – your spirit self needs a good cleansing. This colour also indicates a lack or balance and harmony so get grounded and open yourself to universal spirituality.
    The Colour Yellow – yellow is the colour of the logical mind and creativity. If this colour is seen you are optimistic and positive so it’s a very good colour to have in your aura. On the other hand if yellow is lacking you may be worrying too much or concentrating too much on a problem. When yellow is missing fill yourself with the colour of sunshine and allow positivity back into your life.
    The Colour Green – green is the colour of peace, harmony and nature. It is also the colour of unconditional love and compassion so of course an excellent colour to find in your aura. If you find green is missing open your heart and embrace the peace and harmony of nature; breathe in the wonderfulness of all life.
    The Colour Blue – blue is the colour of healing, relaxation and communication – including spirit communication (clairaudience). Another great colour to have in your aura and very necessary when attempting healing or spirit communication. If you find blue is missing you need to slow your life down; take time to stop and smell the flowers. Involving yourself in a slow meaningful conversation or listening to music will also bring blue into your life; even the activity of just talking helps. Blue is also heavily related to dreams; Tibetan lamas work with this colour to promote out of body dreams. If you imagine a center of blue from the throat to the back of the dream it will help promote lucid dreaming.
    The Colour Indigo – indigo is the colour of psychic abilities and the imagination. Should this colour be missing in your life turn your attention inward and work with your inner self. Work with ESP and the paranormal will also enhance this colour. Drawing indigo light through your third eye will aid very much with intuition.
    The Colour Violet – violet is the colour of spiritual energy and discipline. If this colour is missing in your life forget the material things in life and concentrate on the higher things in life like harmony and peace. Curiously vegetarians have more violet in their auras than anyone else.
    The Colour Brown – brown is the colour of grounding and being centered. As it is not one of the bright colours it can be very difficult to see in anyone’s aura. If brown is missing your life you need to try grounding exercises and work on your relationship with the Earth herself.
    The Colour Black – black is a colour with 2 distinctive sides. On one hand it can be used as a protective shield to keep negative energy away from you and mixing in your aura. On the other hand it can also be a lack of any colours and indicate depression when seen in someone’s aura. When dealing with this side of black you need brightening up not more black; imagine a rainbow of colours surrounding you.
    The Colour White – white is the colour of pure spiritual energy and innocence. If you feel this colour is missing re-connect with your core spiritual beliefs and stop taking life so seriously. Always remember humour and laughter have always been God’s best medicine so read a funny book or watch a funny movie.


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