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What Is An Aura And How Do You See It?

Well i was on Quibblo(again) and there was a quiz about some color that you see when you look in a mirror in the dark so i tried t but it didn’t work! Will someone please explain what it is and how to do it?Thank you.


  1. An aura is an energy that some people believe your body gives off, not everyone believes this.
    Most who can, or claim to, see auras have practiced at it and it takes some sort of psychic ability.

  2. It’s an energy give off by people and different feelings are represented by different colors. You can’t actually see it though. You feel it.
    It can be happy, sad, angry, mean, and so on.

  3. I don’t know if you’ll see an aura by looking in a mirror in the dark – maybe. I’ll give it a try! But it’s generally accepted now that everyone does have an aura. There’s even special cameras that can photograph it for you, but they’re quite expensive to get done.
    You can sometimes see them if you stare at someone a little off-centre, like focussing on the space between their shoulder and cheek…. kind of like a magic eye trick. You have to unfocus a bit to be able to focus on it. Often if you have a fever or migraine you’ll be more able to see them without trying to hard. It’s just a little energy field…. like when you see heat haze on the road.
    Some people can see the colours and some can even use it as a diagnostic tool to identify blockages or weaknesses in your body – like naturopaths, reiki specialists, acupuncturists, etc. It’s a honed skill just like any other.


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