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What is an atheist's view about the Occult?

Is the occult realm fictitious or real?
1 reason why I’m curious to know is the recognition (from historical accounts) that many statesmen, military chiefs, justices, etc, including a number of intelligent people who have played great roles in altering the course of our destiny (e.g., Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Isaac Newton etc) involved themselves with the occult (even though in their lifetimes they themselves kept their association with the occult secret).


  1. There is no singular atheist view on the matter. The only thing we have is the common lack of a belief in a super bearded dude in the sky who made is. Some of us will believe in magic, others will not. Personally, I think it’s a load of tosh.

  2. Atheists tend to dismiss all elements of the supernatural in favor of concrete rationality and logic. To most atheists, belief in the Occult is just as ridiculous as belief in a talking snake.
    However, there are some atheists who accept elements of spirituality.

  3. One persons knowledge is an others Poison , but heck lets call a spade a spade and say try it you may be enlightened by what you uncover but if you are fully into God and the other Sky Fairies ,well need i say any more ,i am who i am by choice .

  4. Atheists simply don’t belive in God. Some do believe in some form of afterlife or something other than what can be explained purely scientifically but then there are others that exclude just about everything that can’t be explained scientifically.

  5. I get so annoyed when people think that because I’m atheist I am completely materialist and would never dare to think that magic, the afterlife, or occult exists unless it hits me round the face yelling “I AM REAL!” while allowing me to experiment on it thoroughly and pointlessly because I have to be sure of everything! That is not what an atheist is and if you ask me most religious followers are extremely materialist. I don’t believe in god because of occult. It is pretty obvious that god doesn’t exist as well and, of course, followers always use the truth argument without stating the actual truth they are speaking of! If all beings are equal then the whole idea of a being creating lots of minion beings does not fit with the earlier equality theory. It’s this simple reason that shows god can never exist. Sorry if I seem angry but people in general have a habit of doing this to me. I’ll have you know I DO believe in souls and other lives beyond this one.

  6. As a non theist, I gotta say I believe in chemistry, so yeah I have to believe in the occult.
    Ok, so chemistry’s no longer classed as alchemy, therefore it’s no longer a hidden(occult) science…but you get where I’m going with this I’m sure.
    For me, as someone who’s spent over thirty years studying occultism, I’d have to say it’s just branches of science that are yet to be accepted by the majority of scientific peers, such as has been the way for all the sciences we know and accept today.
    It’s TV fiction and gullible minds that make for a belief in the hocus-pocus you may be referring to.
    As for an “occult realm”, yes there are many! The atomic world, the quantum world and any other realm/world/existence that is hidden from the human eye is by definition, an occult realm. Notwithstanding the more exotic, such as different dimensions in space/time, which would also be occult.

  7. To be honest – a bunch of fukin weirdo’s. No joke.
    Maybe worse than ‘normal’ religious people too – as they are clear in the knowledge that they are defying ‘God’, etc.
    Well, if you belive in one, you have to believe in the other, eh?

  8. I um don’t know but anything that makes people to superstitious can take the human brain off the tracks and more crazy people is all the world needs the bible and quoran can have the same effect on angry people they don’t call crazy madness for no reason.


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