Home Discussion Forum What is all the fuzz about the Kabbalah Red String Bracelet?

What is all the fuzz about the Kabbalah Red String Bracelet?

Hi there,
I recently found in this site called Lucky Charms USA the Kabbalah Red String Bracelet from Jerusalem in Israel.
What is the meaning of this bracelet, why do people were it?


  1. It’s not fuzz, that’s what you find in the bottoms of your pants pockets.
    It’s fuss.
    and it’s a big old tempest in a teapot. And if you don’t understand a website that is selling specific items like red string bracelets and evil eye bracelets, then maybe you shouldn’t be messing around with them.
    Fact is Kabbalah, correctly, is a part of Judaism. It’s about mysticism and spirituality, and understanding the deeper meanings of things, and you aren’t allowed to even BEGIN to study it until you are over forty, and you shouldn’t even THINK about doing so unless you are Jewish, because it doesn’t MEAN anything unless you are.
    Kabbalah is also the “flavor of the moment” religion among celebrities, and there are tons of people wearing these bracelets and other jewelry who have no earthly concept of what they mean. These people, the celebrities, and the other people who are following it, because they see Madonna or whoever is doing so, do not understand what Kabbalah really is, and they don’t know why they are wearing these talismans, and they have made the purchases of such things into a business, and it should be a spirituality, but people are willing to pay for a piece of string that came from Jerusalem (any piece of red string will do it, by the way, but you get to pay tons more, because it came from Jerusalem!) so people are out there making money selling such things.
    It’s a scam in this case.


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