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What is after this life?

I have just done an exhaustive study on Rik Clay and the NWO, and I am totally questioning everything I ever thought I believed in. I now believe that the experiences I have had on DMT, are glimpses into the afterlife. Why else would the powers that be, specifically be attacking my pineal gland. There has to be someone out there who understands what I’m going through. I am an extremely rational person, who only believes in the tangible. Why does it feel like my world has been shaken down to the core?
Dumbass, meh, I said MEH!, retard, idiot, and obviously f***ing brain damaged. Is anyone out there not a braindead hillbilly?


  1. In the after life there is only what you believe there is.
    If you believe that you will be reborn, then you will.
    If you believe that you fly around and live the best life, then you will.
    All in all, there is life after death, so long as the spirit is still alive.
    Your spirit is what makes your after life dream become reality.

  2. When you are on DMT or something like it, your brain shorts out and essentially is giving your consciousness information that isn’t really there.
    That is why you might assume to smell something when you hear it, it is creating information that doesn’t exist except in the brain which is totally fried.
    Like a television with a scrambled channel, that is what your brain is doing.
    After this life is unknown, to worry about is only to ignore the life you currently have. We all die, we might as well live.

  3. know the feeling: need to poop. no seriously, poop it out; shit out every ounce of anxiety. give it time, let it fall or stream out, don’t push, that could be problematic later,
    as for the after death thing, I hope its a bathroom,
    dude, i really need to poo…..

  4. yell and calling people dumbass isn’t exactly a good way to elicit any sort of intelligent reply to your question. why the big chip on your shoulder? instead of contemplating the after life try ANGER MANAGEMENT in this one

  5. I don’t know who “Rik Clay” is, but I have some experience with tryptamines. I’m also not sure what you mean when you say that the powers that be are attacking your pineal gland.
    I personally believe that at this point in time the psychedelic issue is pretty low on the control panel’s priority list. Mainly because A. I don’t think most of the rulers know about DMT. and B. If they do, I don’t think they understand the magnitude of what they are repressing. How could they unless they themselves smoke it?
    But I don’t know. It certainly does feel like DMT should be brought into the public eye. For a society as obsessed with spirituality and science, you’d think that a “Spirit Molecule” would interest a great deal of people. Especially when it does seem to open a doorway into a dimension outside of space and time that could be the afterlife. Especially as things get worse here in three- dimensional space.
    I think the trick is not to be paranoid. I’m a paranoid person by nature, but my last psilocybin experience emphasized “pronoia” which is the opposite of paranoia. Pronoia is defined as “having the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to help the person.”
    Maybe I’m stupid for being so optimistic, but I feel like whatever we encounter on the other side of that veil is good and cares about us. If it’s the realm of the “ancestors” as so many Shaman have proclaimed, then why wouldn’t it? I think love will triumph in the end. But I’m a dreamer.


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