What is a word to describe the style of the monster hunter Van Helsing, or the Witch Hunters from Warhammer?

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I am creating an idea for an Action Adventure game for my university project and my character is modelled like Van Helsing, with the leather hat/coat, etc and I was sure there was a word for this sort of style, but alas, I cannot think of it.
If anyone can give me a word, that would be great. So far I used Van Helsing-esque to describe him, but if they don’t know Van Helsing, they won’t get it.

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Gothic demon hunter would proberly work
Black Templars!


Post-Raphaelite Gothic


Gothic Punk-check out any of Vampire: the Masquerades’ old supplements for a look at the style.

Jenny the Kid

Has to be PRG

Salacious Sue

P-RG Has to be It.

carmen dejesus



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