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What is a witch? Is it regarded as mythology as witchcraft and spells don't work?

Could it be regarded as myth when there are people who practices witchcraft and dress up as witches?


  1. In old Europe, it usually referred to a woman (particularly an herbalist) who did not bow to the prevailing paternalistic structure. This only applied to the lower classes. Nobles were not witches, just eccentric. Nice power structure, eh?

  2. In your obvious views I guess so. You may never know the truth.
    They are not a myth, There are real witches out there. Most are good some are bad.
    It’s a personal view.

  3. There are people that really use witch craft. I’m dating someone who is a wiccan. But there are other kinds of people that will use witch craft. The few that I do know don’t dress up as the witches of myths. Sometimes I believe that if you think that it will work you make yourself see it work, even if it doesn’t really.

  4. Like everyone else, yes there are witches, and the only reason they do dress up is to in a sense, give a little bit more beliveability into their work. Their mind can do what they want. If they recite it, use focus, it can be done.

  5. A witch is someone (male or female) who (a) practices a Craft that involves spell work, herbalogy, astrology and other folk traditions; and (b) takes that title on themselves. Most people I know who call themselves ‘witches’ don’t ‘dress up as witches’. I’m not even sure what you mean by that. Most of the people who ‘dress up’ do Not practice true witchcraft. Magic is real. Magic is simply a word to describe a mental power we All Have if we believe we do. Our minds Do have the power to impact our lives and ‘spells’ are simply a ritualistic way of focusing our mind’s power and intent on the goal we wish to accomplish. It is Not mythology it is Not folklore – witches and witchcraft and spell and magic are all ‘real’.

  6. Witchcraft is not a myth, as Witches have been around in many cultures in one form or another. Whether you think their magic works or not is a different story, but the fact is that people practice Witchcraft and by token are Witches.
    To say you don’t believe Witches exist because you don’t believe in magic is like saying you don’t believe Christians exist because you don’t believe in Jesus.
    Many of the stories about Witches, or certain powers Witches supposedly have, are myths, though. Few people understand what real Witchcraft is.

  7. No. Witches have existed for centuries under various cultural names (cunning folk, witches, seidhr etc) and still exist. They are very much real. Witchcraft is a spiritual practice that uses folk Magic.
    Magic is the utilization of energy through the use of Will to cause change. Magic is also the force used in that way.
    Witchcraft methods do work. If you know how to do it correctly and have faith (may seem convenient but that’s who it is, take it or leave it) it works. It has worked numerous time for me.
    Anyway, to regard Witches and their practice as mythology (even if you don’t believe it works – so what) is to disregard a large, growing amount of people as non-existent. Many people disbelieve Christianity’s teachings yet no one regards them as mythological, non-existent people.

  8. witches exist all around the world , their spells and rituals achieve what they are set out to, there are a lot of people who practice witchcraft but that are not natural bloodline witches,
    Natural blood witches are through lineage in generations.


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