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What is a way to relax my nerves (Buddhist meditation)?

I just had a very stressful and frustrating conversation with an ex boyfriend. and it bothered me so much that my hands are literally shaking as I type this question…


  1. Listening to sound collages of rain/thunderstorms works for me (a good sleep aid too). Sounds of a rain forest, or you just play a computer/console game. I don’t think your nerves will get very relaxed on r&s though 😛

  2. i meditate for a minimum of an hour a day, my normal is 2. it can be as simple as breathing, and focusing on that breathing

  3. Take some slow deep breaths and focus on a particular phrase, or failing that, count to four for an inhalation, hold for four, breathe out for four, hold for four, repeat. Best of luck.

  4. First you should Never date anyone who is not a Christian if you are a Christian! If not then you have not asked God for a mate and are too immature to seek God ‘s guidance in choosing one. Personally I believe only Jews and Christians should be allowed to get married .

  5. Sista, people will only do what you allow them to do… He is your ex for a reason… probably because he was getting on your nerves in the same manner and you had enough. He is frustrating you because he is not with you! The worst thing you can do is give your energy to trying to rationlize irrational behavior…You will wear your nerves out… See it for what it is… a way to get back at you because you are thru with him.
    It takes a strong person to walk away from a negative situation… use that same strength to not accept whatever it was he said to you because it was said to you to make you feel the same way that he is feeling. I have no idea what made me flip thru these questions but I hope what Ive written brings some peace to your soul. Dont know anything about buddist meditiation but I know personnally that peace comes thru prayer to God…try praying and asking God to remove all that negative energy that was unjustly thrown at you…and while youre at it ask him to send you someone who is postitve and uplifting with nice teeth :o)


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