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What is a warlock, and have you ever met one?


  1. A wizard that uses evil magick instead of good magick.
    In a past life I was one…
    This life Im the good one…
    And the wheel keeps spining around…
    (Gulp) Im gunna be sick… Get me off 🙂
    Let me off, Let me off, Let me off ( Gulp)
    Bllerrrgggllllaaaaahhhhh !!!!!!

  2. Warlock is often not a term used.
    Originally it was used for someone who was a deceiver/oath breaker. This comes from the Old English wǣrloga.
    Now, if used, it means male witch.

  3. A warlock was an oathbreaker. He would join a coven of witches to expose them to the witch-hunters.
    Somehow it got attached to all male witches.
    No self-respecting male witch would call himself a warlock.
    I am a male witch.

  4. Warlock, is an old Pagan word that means oath-breaker.
    so that means, a Witch that practices that left handed path, black magick.
    now, a Witch, is both male and female.
    and true magick is neither white or black.
    it depends on the heart of the Witch.
    but true witches and wiccans and pagans, follow strict laws.
    and yes i have, i have a best friend of practices black magic, although i am Wiccan and practice white.

  5. I have never met a warlock. They are a master of illusion!
    I believe the world has a (lock on war)!
    I met a war face to face and it was in a small country known as (Vietnam).
    I don’t want to meet another war face to face!
    “Peace be always with you.”


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