What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl used for?

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Please tell me what you know about the Tibetan Singing Bowl.

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Tibetan girl, do you know this one?


It is used to initiate meditations. It sends off a very high sustained tone and it helps one to focus and get in the right peaceful state of mind before meditating.


When you’ve had enough of whatever it is that you’ve had enough of you can sing Hugheeeee or Rolllffffff’s name into it..


Tibetan singing bowls are so beautiful. The sounds they produce are just awe striking. The crystal singing bowls are even more awsome. I’ve used them for meditations as well as an accompanyment for drumming circles and choir/music groups.


I’ve seen the Tibetan Singing Bowls at Chinatown. I think it’s a replica or something. Not sure if it produces the same sound but it’s beautiful. both the sound and the bowl. It is generally used for meditation.
The tibetan bells also emit a beautiful calming sound.


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