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What is a Tibetan singing bowl for?

All I can find is the sound is useful for meditation, but what is special about the sound it makes? Thanks.
Kychick, I had no idea you lived in Nepal.


  1. IDK what the Tibetans use them for, but people in energy healing use them as well as tuning forks to resonate with and ba,ance the different chakras. Maybe for the Tibetans it has something to do with energy as well?

  2. Good evening ecterbob. I actually know a little bit about this subject, I lived in Nepal for three and a half years. In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation.
    They are also used for chanting, striking it when a particular phrase in a sutra, mantra or hymn is sung.
    EDIT: Yes, I did. I was a young girl. Lived there with my family. Tell you more later. ((ecterbob))

  3. we’ve used them to enhance reiki sessions as welll. when you put them on the patient, the vibration works its way thru the body and helps focus the energy.

  4. Well, for one, it’s music, back in a time and place without electricity. And it is part of the meditative practices.
    But science is catching up with the ancient art of vibrational toning, where certain sound vibrations affect the body temple in a positive way, balancing out any ‘stuck’ energy patterns.
    Toning is used in some hospitals now, as well.
    Try matching your voice to the sound the bowl makes and then you can ‘tone’ your body without the bowls.
    It is another way of ‘making a joyful noise unto the Lord’.
    Thanks for a good Q. 🙂

  5. Tibetan singing bowls, just like the bells used in Tibetan practice, are used to ‘set space.’ Depending on the tone (these are traditionally determined), the instrument will open the kayas of the space (particularly sambhogakaya) and allow you to make the space what you need it to be, energetically. They also tend to stun unwanted energetic guests.
    The earliest form of these bells and bowls is the Shangcrop (phonetic dialectical spelling) also called a shang or flat bell. The wikipedia link might be useful.
    Hope this helps!


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