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What is a Tarot reading ?Is it different from Horoscope reading,Palm reading and Numerology readings?

I have seen all the above readings but not Tarot reading.Can any one clearly explain how it works and any way related to the other readings?


  1. All the above inclued the Tarot are different method that were created to help human solve the mystery of existance .
    When come to the Tarot you are usually use 78 pictures each one carry meaning number element and devenition to describe possibilities that are at some vegue to the seeker. The reader hismelf conducting several spread of those picture and is able to translate their combination to answers for the seeker quest. If you bump in to a good reader you will be surprised how much you can learn playing with those pictures however the abilit to do that is in each and every one of us and can be obtained with dedication and training.
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  2. Horoscope reading is done with the person birthday and the planets at the time.
    Palm reading is being able to read the lines of the hands. Much as reading a book except the lines tell one the story of their live.
    Tarot card reading is a deck of 78 cards. With pictures on them. it forecasts what the future will hold.
    The person being read will usually shuffle the deck of cards. Cut them and put them back. The person doing the reading will take the cards and use one of many spread laying out the cards. Interpeting the pictures on the cards.
    All of these tools listed are used to forecast the future and the past too.

  3. Tarot readings are different from Astrology,numerology,palm reading etc.Whereas astrologers try to tell about one’s future from the pattern of stars at the time of one’s birth,palmists tell it from the lines on one’s palm and numerologists tell the same from the numbers realted to one’s date of birth;in tarot however,readings about future are given by looking at a set of cards.
    The tarot is a pack of 78 cards.Out of these 22 cards are considered more important and are known as ‘The Major Arcana’ and the remaning 56 cards are called ‘The Minor Arcana’.There is a picture with a name given for it on each card.All these cards(the pictures on them) have occult meanings.There are books available in the market which tell about the occult meaning of each card.It seems much is not known about the origin of these occult meanings,except that these meanings have been handed over from generation to generation since thousands of years.The Tarot card reader will tell your future based on the card you draw or he draws for you.Hope i have been able to convey properly.


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