Home Discussion Forum What is a Tarot Card Reader's "reading style"?

What is a Tarot Card Reader's "reading style"?

I have been reading tarot cards for awhile now & I was asked how friends would describe my reading style. Can someone please elaborate? FYI if it helps, I do the Celtic Cross tarot spread.


  1. Something between pathetic attempt to have faith in the supernatural coupled with an inflated sense of self-importance, accompanied by a soupcon of inferiority complex.

  2. Everyone has their own style. Personally I can’t stand readers who use the Celtic Cross spread for EVERYTHING. I think that its OK to just pull some cards and not have each position mean something. If you’re comfortable using the CC spread than that is fine. Tarot has foundations and rules but after that you can make it your own.
    I have found people who only use the CC spread usually has only been reading cards for a short while and think that’s the only way to do a reading. Again nothing wrong with it, just that there is so much you can do with cards if you break out of the cc spread!

  3. The reading style will depend on the individual Reader. There is no other real answer.
    There are some old traditional styles people still use. Celtic Cross is one of them, but not the only one. While other Readers can create their own style.
    Do what is comfortable for you.

  4. I am a professional psychic tarot reader. When I think of describing a reader’s style, I think of the way the reader gets their information. I categorize readers into two main styles. One style is that the reader memorizes meanings for each card and interprets the cards in a reading based on the set definitions they know. This style of reading does not require psychic ability. Another style is to read the cards psychically. This means that each reading is different and every time a card shows up it can have a different reason for being there. This style of reader can also pick up on the energy of the situations and people shown in the cards. I fit into the latter category and read cards using my psychic ability and by channeling Spirit Guides. I would also describe my style as very positive, because I believe everything in our life happens for a positive reason. I can learn from my Spirit Guides the higher reason for everything happening in a person’s life and help them see how it is helping them on their path.
    However, the person who asked you the question may have a different definition for “reading style”. I would suggest asking them what they mean by that, and maybe that will help you answer their question.
    If you are interested in learning about psychic tarot reading, I have a free online course on my website, http://MyMagicalJourney.com. Click on the online courses tab in the right sidebar. (site down for maintenance on 11/9/2010)
    I hope this helps!
    Melanie Jade


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