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What is a tachyon?

Furthermore, what is the exact speed to five significant figures, in meters/second, of a tachyon?


  1. It is a hypothetical particle that travels faster than light. As such it has not been directly observed so no exact information about it is known, even if they really do exist or not.

  2. All correct……not to take anything away from the others, but to add a little. They *only* travel faster than the speed of light, never slower. They were considered when Einstein’s total energy equation was solved and consideration given to the negative solution.
    Remember the quadratic equation stuff you may have done in school? same thing, only his equation was:
    E^2 = c^2p^2 + m^2c^4
    Solving this gives two solutions (+E, and -E), and the negative energy solution (which didn’t make sense to scientists) was eventually given some consideration and it led them to a particle that could only travel faster than the speed of light.
    Neat huh!?

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