What is a sweat lodge and why are ppl dying in it?

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What is this sweat lodge thing, what is causing ppl to die in it?

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a sweat lodge is a native american ritual where people sauna until they basically hallucinate…its too hot sometimes and their bodies cant handle it and they die


The easiest thing to compare a sweat lodge to is a sauna. It’s hot and the idea is to sweat out the toxins. People have died from heat exhaustion, usually they didn’t drink enough water prior to going in and then stayed in past their body’s comfort level. Apparently in some cases the vital organs basically shut down.
This only seems to be happening to tourists though. Regular sweat lodge occupants seem to be unaffected. This could be a result of a general lack of education.

Reverend White Al Sharpton

It is where the fat girls from this site go to lose weight.

Stephen K

It is a kind of sauna, but if you do not watch what you sweat out, you lose too much water and can pass out and die, just like in a hot tub or a sauna


That incident in Sedona wasn’t a legitimate sweat lodge ceremony, but rather a new age guru’s poorly-conceived and irresponsibly-executed imitation of one. Genuine sweat lodge ceremonies are conducted only by experienced facilitators after years of training and participation in the American Indian Sundance ceremony for at least four years. The American Indian religious ceremonies are powerful, and potentially harmful.


A compliment of hell.


Oprah has been strangely silent on this. . .
What I want to know is how the idiot nurse on duty didn’t pick up on the fact that the people were dehydrated!


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