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What is a succubus and what are the purpose of them?


  1. female incubus. Think kind of like vampire, but instead of draining blood, they gain energy from the partner/prey during sex, killing them, not sure if that makes them an undead too, much more to see at wikipedia though as ever if you’re interested

  2. A succubuss is a deadly magical woman who ermm…I’d rather not say with men in their dreams to weaken them

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    A succubus is a type of demon, a female form of the incubus.
    In myth, a succubus has sexual intercourse with men to drain them of their energy, and fuel themselves – like they live off of it. The being is very sexually charged. It is said that a man would have a sexual dream, but in reality the succubus was performing sexual acts with him at night.
    Expanding on the myth, it is said that the succubus would also collect the semen from the human man, and give it to the incubus (male version of this demon). The incubus would then use the semen in impregnate the females he has sex with, who would then give birth to a child. This was used as a reason for alot of unexplained pregnancies in history (when sex before marriage was VERY taboo), especially if the child had birth defects.


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