Home Discussion Forum What is a strange mystical thing that has happened to you recently?

What is a strange mystical thing that has happened to you recently?

A remarkable coincidence? A spiritual awakening? An unusual sensation? Weird observation?


  1. just a strange dream, my girlfriend was in the shower humming this song.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYbLR67_F9E and I drifted off to sleep with the melody going through my head thinking about her, then I dreamed that the phone was ringing, and I answered it and I believe it was her that said hello on the other end of the phone in the dream. Then I woke up groggy and she called out “Hello” from the bathroom, then the phone rang.

  2. i was in the void, like every night when i sleep, when i suddenly woke up, and my consciousness came back – like every day when i woke up

  3. Well my baby-toe nail cracked right down to the cuticle, and I found a packet of ”cracked-nail-repair-stickers” on the ground the next day (yesterday morning). Unopened, just waiting for me on my way to work.
    Not very ‘mystical’ but a MUCH appreciated coincedence.
    Oh, and where I live at the mo… their culture says never look down the end of a tabala drum because it’ll bring sickness to your family. About a month after I did, I caught swine flu on my overseas holiday and helped spread it over the island! lol. I don’t think it’s related because 1. that kind of stuff (IMO) only works if you’re a part of the system/culture… 2. My family was fine, and 3. It has no logic behind it. But it was cool to see how different people ‘prove’ their beliefs and law and customs and all that.

  4. As I was walking down the street, I saw my deceased Mother or somebody who looked like her walking in the street, when I ran up to her she just disappeared. That night I had a dream in which she said she loves me and is looking out for me. This made me happy but it was also pretty scary


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