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What is a Steven Hawking's Dance?

Some girl from another school invited me to a Steven Hawking’s Dance. I am confused as to what It is.
Oh ok, so it’s not a dance in honor of the physicist steven hawking? I figured it was because the girl that asked me goes to our state’s Math and Science school, lol.


  1. Do you mean a Sadie Hawkins dance? A Sadie Hawkins dance is a dance for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. The girls ask the boys. They dress alike at my school. It is usually around November.

  2. although it sounds like a “Sadie Hawkins” dance, it could actually be called a “Steven Hawking’s” dance, usually for middle school and high school dances there is a theme, so it could have a science theme, and they just used a play on words to make it sound like a sadie hawkins. Just ask your friend, she’ll be able to explain it to you. Nonetheless, it will be fun !


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