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what is a spiritual guide and how do u know if sum1 is in your soul group?

i was watching a past life regression video on youtube because i just found out about this stuff n i think its kool to find out who u were in a past. but in the video the lady said something about a soul group and spiritual guide n stuff like that… wut the heck r they n how do u know if sum1 is in your soul group????
oh n can u plz explain reincarnation..i no that its wen u r reborn n all but can sum1 explain in detail>> thnx


  1. This is all clap-trap, I’m afraid. Do you often have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy?

  2. There is a theory, not one that I believe, that a family of souls passes through each lifetime at the same time. This theory is that each person in your family, your friends, and everyone else close to you, are basically the souls that you started your journey with.
    The second theory is that we pass at our own time, which is what I believe, and when we are finished with a life, we go to the Summerland to think and reflect on what we learned and did we learn our lesson?
    Now, a spirit guide is a soul that has reached the Summerland (or the afterlife in general) and, instead of being reincarnated, has decided to wait around and act as a guide or a guardian angel to someone they were close to or someone that needs their help.


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