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What is a spiritual experience for an atheist ( or anyone else )?

Something causing a major shift in your thinking ?
An experience that makes you see the world differently,
or make you understand yourself better,
or make you understand other better ?
Is that something you can experience through fasting, or lots of exercice, or meditation, or relaxation techniques, or sex, or age, or drugs, or psychotherapy, or deep thinking, or martial arts, or arts, … ?
Can you consider that people have spiritual experiences without linking that to god(s) ?
Have a good day.
Training and education—that`s the best spiritual experience one can ask for !
Major shift in someone`s thinking: i didnt say this is a good or a bad thing. You can be converted or brain-washed, or convince yourself of something that changes your mind a lot, and make you do stupid things.
I`m more thinking of positive change, like understanding more what is going on around oneself, feeling more confident, listening more to people or seeing more one`s prejudices.
Martial artists, monks, artists, … some people claims spiritual experiences change their life – I am wondering about this idea of life-changing or mind-changing experience.
( read me better – i am not assuming this is strictly for god-believer…)
Looking more at your views on the subject. I have my answer to my question, expressed above too–
I have met 2 people who changed their behavior a lot after getting converted ( to islam, sadly covering her beautiful face with a veil, and another to catholicism ). Another one after practicing aikido.
Yes our minds are changing all the time – I am mentionning a “major” shift.
Imagine you know this persons who is quite mean or criticising everything people do, and after this experience, this person is genuinely more caring about people around ( or so it seems ).
Or imagine a guy who is afraid of dying, or getting very nervous about the universe, god/no god, afterlife, … and after a “spiritual experience”, stop asking and asking himself the same questions, and get more confident, without having a real answer for his questions.
…and dont quote scriptures please…
i can copy paste too…


  1. Hi. Discovering your own mortality is a good indicator. Many people find some sort of faith (or not) when this happens.

  2. spiritual means it effects your spirit. it has nothing to do with belief in any religion. many make the connection but like the indians in america, you can get a spiritual experience from a tree, animal or even a blue mushroom…

  3. everyone has experiences everyday that change their ways of thinking. some might not call them spiritual, including me, but i don’t deny that experience changes you.

  4. Having an Epiphany? Two things that connect in the mind and bring about a realization of something?
    For me…it’s just in thinking about stuff…
    And yeah, technically “spiritual” doesn’t have to include gods.

  5. every time i wake up i see the world in a new light, i put myself in tone with nature and the earth. i’m no hippy but i understand that we are all connected through what we are made out of, we are connected to the stars, the dirts and the oceans,

  6. I contemplate the Universe, I find it fascinating and mysteries. I don’t believe in god, But let me tell you, trying to think about the distances in space, Really puts you in your place in this life.

  7. Yeah but all that other stuff doesn’t have any significant meaning to it, like with drugs for example, you see things that are not really there.
    Except for sex of course, can’t argue about that.. (nothing is better than doing it with your spouse.)

  8. Atheist can be very spiritual. The flaw in your assumption is that spirituality is only reserved for God-believers.

  9. Your sarcasm aside, you should read more about why we have spiritual experiences. New research is showing that spiritual experiences are just physical.
    You are an unbeliever, just like me. Hindus believe in Shiva and pray over statues of their God (a phallic statue). Do you think that there is an invisible Shiva God who wants his phallic statue to be prayed over – or are you a skeptic?

  10. I used to be a an athiest and one day I read a book that awoke in me feelings like memories of things I already knew but had been conditioned to keep hidden for fear of ridicule. The seed was sown, I opened my eyes and awoke to knowledge that erradicated all my fears and gave me all the answers to every question I had ever asked. It was all so simple and easy to relate to without any dogma and I now have reasons to live and further my education. Anyone can find spirituality through meditation.

  11. spirit=a state of being.(negative or positive).the universe has a positive goodness energy,if your spirit enters this energy you will feel goodness only by practicing the positive goodness energy,if you practice the negative energy you will descent from goodness.try it and you will grow.i will not put a god to it because you do not want me too,regardless you will feel better and better.

  12. Decode this lyrics ” Bettermen”
    What spiritual experience?
    What is the definition of worshiping God?
    Simple thing also don’t know.
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    Luke 19.9-10
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    What do you think?

  13. a storm at sea, a sky full of stars, a medow full of of buttercups on a spring morning, a wood full of bluebells, the wind rippling through the wheat fields, clouds like fairy tale castles in a juicy blue sky, a nightingale singing, the blue sillouettes of trees on misty mornings, a patina of frost on autumn leaves, watching the wind whip the snow in by lamp light at night, a clear sky and a bright silver moon an a snow filled landscape. watching the sun beams burst through the clouds on white horse hill, the sun bleached wood on an old garden shed, spiders webs covered in dew, the pale gold sun that burns through the fog, the sound of trains at night, the old garden gate with peeling green paint, art made with passion, (religious or not), music with soul, writing with thought and feeling, keats and cummins and frost and so many more, and so much much more. and i know that it is the knowledge that it all comes from this wonderful self creating natural universe, we are here because we’re here and the universe is beautiful because it is, not because some deity willed it to be so. and that is so much more wonderful and satisfying.
    ps and tequila, that’s important too.

  14. There is more than one kind of spirit in this world. Your spiritual experience will be with God or it will be with Satan or his demons…there are no other spirits. Ouija boards can lead you straight into the arms of a demon if you are not careful. Don’t mess around in the spirt world if you are not saved.

  15. An athiest typically gravitates towards philosophy rather than theology.
    Everyone see the world differently, and a lot of that depends on your religious beliefs, whether you are Muslim, Christian or Jewish. Those who practice these said beliefs, fast, pray to God and observe various rituals. For example, Muslims observe Ramadan, Jews observe Rosh Hashanah, and Christians observe the birth of Christ, His death and resurrection.
    In Judaism and Christianity, it is strictly forbidden to worship idols. There is only one true God, our God is Sovereign. In Christianity, the only way to God, our Heavenly Father is through faith in Y’shua Mashiakh, which is Aramaic for Jesus Christ. See John 3:36. You can find this passage in the 3rd link below. The Jews do not believe that Y’shua was the true Mashiakh which is contradictory to Christian belief.
    In addition to the third link, the first two links will help further your understanding of Judaism and Islam.

  16. Philosophy did it for me. Learning about utilitarianism- the belief that there ARE absolute moral rights and wrongs, regardless of religion and culture.
    Watching the miracles of science, and the hateful attempts to shackle it by believers.
    I have spiritual experiences whenever I read about scientific breakthroughs, and about people HELPING those in third world countries, instead of converting them and leaving them to die.


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