Home Discussion Forum what is a spell to get rid of negative energy?

what is a spell to get rid of negative energy?

i am a Wiccan and there is this man that i am in love with. But, every time we are supposed to go out on a date it’s either him or me that is always busy. He told me it was love at first sight but, he wants to get to know me better. Also it so happens that his cousin is my best friend and she doesn’t want me with him… She’s jealous. So does anyone know any spells to bring me and my true love together? I need a spell that takes away all this “blockage” between us.


  1. there is no such things as true love. Never was and never will be. The closest is the relationship you can have with a German Sherpherd or similar dog.

  2. faith in Jesus Christ. I know u think what you’re doing is harmless, but you are indeed a slave to witchcraft. there’s only one way out and that is through Christ. Jesus is and will always be the ultimate protector. i know first hand.

  3. Here u go….
    Please fall in love with me because im a stupid, gormless idiot who thinks reciting random strings of words in a funny voice and dancing naked round oak trees can have an effect on the real, non-imaginary world i occasionally visit.

  4. WOW. People are so helpful aren’t they? :/
    I would recommend that rather than using a spell, you make offerings and pray to Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god who removes obstacles. And you can also burn white sage to remove negative energy from yourself and your home. Sea salt mixed with water also does the same thing. Lastly, do NOT cast a spell ON anyone else. It will always backfire and bring about bad karma on you. The best thing to do if you really want to cast a spell is to cast it on yourself to make yourself beautiful in his eyes.

  5. I’d say try getting a Blockbuster spell done. Blockbuster is a conjure formula that, as suggested, removes blockages. I think for your situation, burning some of the incense over a photo of the fellow might do, and repeat this daily till you see improvement. There are also Blockbuster candles and sprinkling powders you can get from various suppliers.
    You also mention that his cousin disapproves out of jealousy. She mgiht have put an evil eye on you (this often happens by accident.) Try mixing a little rue herb with the blockbuster formula to undo that.


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