What is A Shaman? Please Explain?

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a magical earth humanoid that uses the powers of nature to damage enemies and heal allies. they use totems to buff themselves up or to give the enemies an unfair advantage


It is the native American Dr. or healer for the Indian culture.

Random Panther loves Kitteh

Put simply,a witch doctor. Or a tribal spiritual leader or medicine man.

Prospero Reincarnate

A Shaman was a priest of the ancient Primtive tribes. (and primitive tribes in existence today) He or She would travel to the ‘otherworld’ to talk with ancestors, spirits and gods, and find information useful to the tribe.
A Neoshaman is someone who does not live in a primitive culture, but uses the techniques (picked up byAnthropologists like Michael Harner) of Shamans for personal, and someone group spiritual development.


Originally, a Siberian tribal mystic.
However as the term is used today, it loosely defines a grouping of similar practices that many tribal mystics from different cultures use in the service of the tribe.
That grouping most often consists of ……
Using altered states of consciousness to speak with the spirit’s of the natural world.
Healing techniques.
Thus Native american medicine men/women.
Australian tribal shamans.
Or just about any tribal cultures mystics.
Practitioners of Shamanic techniques can also be found in large number among most of the Neo-pagan traditions.


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