What is a root chakra?

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The root chakra is the first chakra below your spine, its color is red. The link tells more


It is the “energy center” located at the womb.


The root chakra is the first chakra and it is the color red. It is located from your waste down and is what keeps you grounded and connected to your roots (family etc.)


sexual energy, the roots you are tied to, reproduction, obsession, anger, desire


The Major Chakra’s are located along the spinal column of the body and each is traditionally represented by a different colour of the rainbow – starting with red at the bottom up to violet on the crown.
Each Chakra location represents different emotions and feelings.
Ideally all the Chakra’s should be balanced – open and spinning at a similar rate to each other. Most of us however have some Chakra’s which are over-active and others that are closed down or under-active.
First Chakra: Root
Colour: Red
Governs survival instincts, physical functions, sense of groundedness
Signs of imbalance include constipation, obesity, leg or knee problems
Second Chakra: Sacral
Colour: Orange
Governs sexuality, emotion, nurturing instincts, creativity
Signs of imbalance include low-back pain, reproductive issues, bladder or kidney troubles
Third Chakra: Solar Plexus
Colour: Yellow
Governs will, drive, ego, control, freedom, metabolism
Signs of imbalance include ulcers, digestive disorders, liver and gallbladder ailments, diabetes
Fourth Chakra: Heart
Colour: Green
Governs love, compassion, relationships
Signs of imbalance are heart disease, high blood pressure
Fifth Chakra: Throat
Colour: Blue
Governs communication, creativity, self-expression
Signs of imbalance include sore throat, laryngitis, thyroid imbalance, respiratory and/or hearing problems
Sixth Chakra: Brow
Colour: Indigo
Governs intuition, thought, psychic awareness, dreams, visions
Signs of imbalance include headaches, problems with the nervous system
Seventh Chakra: Crown
Colour: Violet
Governs cosmic consciousness, spirituality, wisdom, universal truth
Signs of imbalance include confusion, depression, inability to learn
Love & Blessings


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