what is a relationship between Socrates and Greek philosophy?






and what is Greek philosophy??? I want to know exactly what it is.


  1. Socrates was a great philosopher: Greek philosophy was a substantial contributor to questions of life and death, and existence on earth, to the spiritual plane, and the intellectual exercises, generally!

  2. I think his main contribution was inspiring future philosophers through questioning everything, teaching up-and-comers (Plato topping the list), and becoming something of a martyr. No one knows what his personal philosophy actually was–he never wrote anything down.

  3. One of supersession. Socrates’ action and speech (ergon, logos) were consistent with the pursuit of wisdom but at variance with the more ambiguous, contemporaneous, idea of Greekness. Especially in regard to Socrates, Greek philosophy has only a linguistic meaning: philosophy as written or spoken in Greek. But this is problematic because, unlike poetry, philosophy strives to be outside idiomaticity. Thus the irony that can result in the condemnation of the personage.

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