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What is a quick and easy way to astral project or have an out of body expierience?

I’ve tried counting back from 1000 tried climbing the imaginary rope tried visualising myself rising out of my body. It won’t work. I already have lucid dreams quite often. And i remember most of my dreams in vivid detail. Someone told me this was a plus. Looking for a quick way. I’ve also found a binural beat track. Anyone know where i can get more free binural beats?


  1. Counting backwards from 1,000 means your mind is still active.
    Imaginary rope technique is not suppose to be visualized.
    From lucid dreaming, you can get “rid” of the dreams and Astral Travel.
    Binaural beats don’t often work.
    You can do it, all you need is the proper technique or even better, make up your own.
    Too much concentration ruins your chances.
    Focus on your breathing and nothing else. Don’t even think about astral projection, don’t even think about if it’s getting too cold or hot or if you are itchy. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep the first couple of attempts. Eventually you’ll stay up while “sleeping” = astral projection.
    If you have a hard time blocking thoughts = that you haven’t practiced enough.
    Good luck man

  2. I was able to find some binaural beat tracks on Lime Wire but I am still looking for Monroe Institute CD’s. They are crazy expensive to purchase! For me the biggest advancement was when I realized the importance of recognizing the first signs of the vibration state. Most people report hearing and feeling loud rushing sounds and a feeling of motion as one of the first clues you are entering the necessary “mind awake-body asleep” state. Your ability to remain calm and fearless is essential for achieving and maintaining any degree of control when out of body. Next step is to incorporate the habit of automatic self control. Once you recognize any of the sensations or sounds associated with out of body exploration you must immediately begin to encourage these feelings or sounds to expand throughout your body. Next you must direct yourself away from your physical body. This is accomplished with a mental internal dialogue that directs you away from your body. For example, “I’m floating up” or “I’m becoming lighter” or “I’m now in my living room” Do not even think about your body or you will snap back. Next step is to maintain your focus entirely away from your body. The easiest way is to become completely involved in the new environment.
    There are lots of separation techniques such as floating out, sit up and out, rolling out (this is the most commonly reported), requesting assistance and visualize pulling yourself out. I got a copy of the CD “Adventures beyond the Body” by William Buhlman from my library, it is a guided type of self hypnosis and I listen to it when going to sleep. I found it to be helpful. Try using the Target Technique. Visualize a familiar object or room in your house. This technique helps you to maintain your focus away from your body as you drift off to sleep. Pick a target that you are familiar with the sight, touch, sound and smell. I sometimes imagine coming home, opening my door and walking into my living room. Concentrate on each of the senses associated with the target and each little motion and step.
    Getting over the fear is a huge step. See what CD’s your local library has. Good Luck


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