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What is a psychic medium?

just wondering see people on tv claiming to be just need a little more input. am confused thanks


  1. People who have been born with the ability to sense and see ghosts. They are also able to speak to ghosts and contact them whereas normal people can’t.
    A lot of people don’t believe it’s true, and there are a lot of fakes out there. However I believe it’s real as I met someone in another COUNTRY who didn’t know me and was able to tell me exactly what my dead grand mother and I used to bake and say to each other when saying goodbye etc. So I believe in it.

  2. It’s a fraud, or a deluded fraud, trying to take gullible people for all the money they can get.
    And they get a lot, because fools and their money really are soon parted.

  3. Abominable PracticesDeuteronomy 18: 10 — 12 outlines very specifically a number of different kinds of false prophets. God speaks very clearly about His regard for them as well. “There shall not be found among you anyone… who practices witchcraft (the use of magic), or a soothsayer (a diviner), or one who interprets omens (someone who reads signs), or a sorcerer (a magician or wizard), or one who conjures spells, or a medium (a person claiming to be in contact with spirits of the dead), or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord.”
    Astrology Forbidden to Christians Fortune telling and astrology are lumped together with other forbidden practices as sorcery and are abominable to God. Christians must not participate in these practices. The Bible is clear. Those who continue doing these things, will find themselves left out of God’s kingdom. “Outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.” See also Revelation 21:8 and Galatians 5: 19


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