what is a psychic attack?

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Roque P Rojas

it’s like telekinesis or hypnosis


When the nerdy kids at school squint their eyes at you and everyone laughs.


A seizure??

jason n

It is when a so-called psychic gets angry and attacks someone.


Intuition overload.

Sick Puppy

A bunch of brains all thinking at the same time.


War to conquer Your Mind


Psychic attacks:
* Are super-effective against: Fighting, Poison
* Are not very effective against: Psychic, Steel
* Have no effect against: Dark
list of Psychic attacks:
* Confusion
* Dream Eater
* Extrasensory
* Future Sight
* Luster Purge
* Mirror Coat
* Mist Ball
* Psybeam
* Psychic
* Psycho Boost
* Psycho Cut
* Psywave
* Zen Headbutt


If you feel infringed upon, these simple aura cleansing steps may help. http://www.psychic-junkie.com/aura-cleansing.html


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