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What is a proper conclusion for an essay about Earth?

My essay includes how we use Sun’s energy, The forms of water, and Earth’s atmosphere. I slacked it off for last minute again and now I’m screwed xD so please help out.
That’s it?
“It will someday die”?
… “We are killing ourselves?”
You men are extremely akward o.0
=( I’m screwed…
Nevermind about the conclusion…
Which way do you spell this?
Imformation or information?


  1. You should post the thing on here. I can’t really help if I don’t see what you wrote. The conclusion is a summary of everything you talked about.

  2. If God decided to take the Sun away then none of us would have any problems… Life would cease. We always know it will rise in the east and set in the west. We feel safe and secure at night going to sleep because we know there will be a sunrise. The earth and sun is so organized together in perfect harmony that its like they are teaching us how to live.. However, not many of us ever give that much thought. We are always worried about nothing……Good luck with your essay.


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