What is a poltergeist and what is the difference between a poltergeist and a ghost?






Also, are they bad?


  1. a poltergeist is believed to be a mischievous spirit. they are characterized by things in a room or house being moved, shifted, dropped or thrown.

  2. A poltergeist is a ghost or entity that moves things around in your house. I specific kind of ghost that can move objects, push things over and possibly throw things. They might hide objects from you. I suppose they are annoying if you believe in such things but I don’t know if they are intrinsically bad or evil. More likely just mischievous.

  3. a poltergeist is a dangerous spirit that can cause physical harm to a person or thing just like the movie,thirteen ghosts.a ghost is usually a harmless spirit that has some unfinished businesses like watching their kids grow up.

  4. here you go love :)las08
    Ghosts are spirits of people that have been caught between this plane of existence and the next. They are intelligent beings, often capable of interacting with the living.
    Poltergeist means noisy ghost. A poltergeist disturbance usually focuses around one person called a poltergeist focus or poltergeist agent. The focus or agent is usually a girl who is beginning puberty and has some kind of emotional or psychological stress. It is not uncommon, however, for the agent to be a boy or an adult. In most cases, the agent does not realize that they are causing the disturbence.Most parapsychologists have adopted the explanation that poltergeist phenomena are caused by psychokinectic (PK) ability of a living individual. Many of the historical cases and virtually all of the recent one involve one individual around whom all the commotion seem to focus. When that person is present, things happen. When the person is absent, they cease. There are numerous cases in which the phenomena followed the apparent poltergeist agent to a new location. Typically, these cases involve fairly young children who are temporarily taken to the house of a friend or relative for closer observation. The poltergeist agent is under severe psychological stress. It is believe that poltergeist disturbances are external manifestations of repressed anger and hostility triggered by stress. The difference between an poltergeist disturbance and a haunting is the duration of the activity. Poltergeist disturbances seldom last more than a few months. Many occurances last only a few weeks. Reports of hauntings can last years, decades, or longer.

  5. a poltergeist is a spirit believed to throw things about noisily( and if u have seen harry potter u wuld have guessed what a poltergeist wud do–peeves is one)…..
    a ghost is just a trace of spirit……
    its said ghosts are ones tat are between the dead world and the living world……….and tat they cme back either bec they have sme unfinished work or dnt have the courage to go to the after world( many religions have a different perspective…..)
    if they r bad or nt again depends upon the religion ur talking abt

  6. The difference between the two is a poltergeist is a spirit which moves things around. Poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost” I think. Like, they’re the bad kind. The reason they move things around is to try and rid the place of people I’m guessing. You could check it out via wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poltergeist so yeah. I guess that answers your question a bit better than I could.

  7. Ghost is the name of spirit that after death seperates from body towards heaven. Poltergeist is the name of wicked human spirit that remains on Earth for sedition ,sometimes howl ,sometimes causes objects move and usually haunt some houses.

  8. What is a poltergeist? Angel is correct. The word, or words are German: Polter (for ‘uproar’) and geist (for ‘ghost.’). The term literally means: A noisy ghost.
    Poltergeist activity involves inexplicably moving or hurling of inanimate objects. Sometimes these manifestations result in injury to witnesses. There seems to be some inconclusive evidence that poltergeist activity is connected to a child becomes a teenager or coming into puberty.

  9. A poltergeist is a spirit or ghost that manifests by moving and influencing inanimate objects (rather than through visible presence or vocalization).
    The differences between them include:
    � Ghosts are spirits of deceased beings, usually human, appearing frequently in certain places. They can appear in forms such as transparent entities, complete bodies, foggy mists, and smells (usually associated with the deceased while still living).
    � Poltergeist theories suggest that poltergeists are mass forms of energy that a living person unknowingly controls, usually through a form of passive psychokinesis resulting from severe physical or psychic trauma. In some extreme cases, poltergeists have been linked to demons.
    � Ghosts are usually linked to a specific place or violent death, such as the house the deceased lived in or the place where the deceased died.
    � Poltergeists are linked to a specific person or object. Some theories suggest that poltergeists can be linked to multiple objects and multiple people, taking a fraction of their energy from each person or object.
    � Ghosts appear in areas known to the deceased before death. They are unable leave those areas.
    � Poltergeists can be triggered by a living person’s trauma in any area at any time. They can travel.
    � Ghost energy is continuous over time.
    � Poltergeist energy is built up over time, then goes dormant and starts over again. The energy climaxes just before dormancy.
    � Ghosts are not violent in a physical sense. Appearances can cause severe mental terror, however.
    � At level five (climax of energy), poltergeists can become dangerous to the living, inflicting both mental and physical terror.
    � The poltergeist is a progressive entity in that it passes through five cumulative stages and a period of dormancy before starting over at the first stage. Each stage in this progression invokes a higher level of energy while retaining the energy acquired in previous stages. The duration of each stage can vary from days to years depending on the poltergeist’s origin and external influences.
    And yes, they’re very very bad!

  10. Hi, I’m a Paranormal Investigator from Ohio.
    Their really isn’t a whole lot of difference between a Poltergeist and a Ghost. First off, a Poltergeist is a Ghost, but they like to throw things
    at people, and make things move around.
    Your typical Ghost is much calmer. They may make noises like banging sounds and knocking sounds. They may even hide things at times.
    Poltergeists are usually ghosts who are angry for some reason. Maybe
    they don’t realize they are dead, and they are angry that you are in their house. It really could be anything.

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