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What is a natural way to releave stress and depression without drugs or yoga?

Anti depression drugs are not for me. Neither is yoga, both make me sick to my stomach and dizzy.


  • NLP
    don’t know what it is?
    look it up on wikipedia
    learn a technique in less than 1/2hr. to combat stress forever
    even easy enough to learn from a book or CD
    whatever is negative in your life you can dissociate from and whatever is positive or you want to be positive you associate with.
    it’s so easy it like magic. also,not my problem if people don’t believe . maybe when they’ve had enough suffering. i had more than enough suffering and problems and gone overnight

  • Well there is therapy, which generally works better than medication anyway.

    Other than that, just a generally healthy lifestyle. Excersise, get out more, balanced diet…

  • any kind of physical activity will help with stress and depression. research has shown that physical activity actually changes the brains chemistry and alleviates severe symptoms of stress/anxiety/depression. it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise or physical activity it is either. try to find one you enjoy doing and stick with it.
    speaking with a therapist is also beneficial in treating stress and depression and can be quite effective IF you find the right match in a therapist. this can be a daunting process and takes quite a commitment on your part to keep trying until you find the right match for you.
    Many people also find help in their religion.
    good question- I find for myself that humor is an extremely effective tool in helping alleviate these issues.

  • Get the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.Drawing this way is very much like meditating. Also, singing, even if you don’t do it well, just to yourself, can put you in a wonderful place. Basically,a right brain activity, where you don’t focus on a result, just the process.

  • You can try just simple meditation. That’s what I have started doing, I refuse to take pills.
    I found this website that teaches all different kinds of ways. The one I do is just sit up, but comfortably with your palms on your knees. Then just breathe. Don’t force it, let it come naturally. And just feel your lungs fill up with air and exhale deeply.
    After like 5-10 minutes I feel better. It’s not perfect, the feelings always come back, but it works for a while.

  • escercising and having fun and laughing, eating well. But u have to realize that sometime depression comes even if ur always ahappy…it just happens outta no where with noo reason. But usually it goes away on its own in a lot of cases.

  • Dont Worry Be Happy! Be aware of what stresses you and how you react to stress.
    Learn to understand what situations; events, circumstances and people cause you to feel negative stress. Think about what message your brain is telling you about why you feel stressed. Notice the physical reactions you have, a racing heart, and shortness of breath, tight muscles or feeling angry and upset.

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