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What is a higher state of consciousness?

How can I reach it?


  1. The flow state that attends scientific discovery or artistic creation… you can only reach it by doing these or similar things.

  2. dettaching completly from the visible creation and attaching completly to unvisible that is the end of mind and its sences. to reach there you must work through your intelectual not the brain. truth is there . thanks.

  3. There are many many ways.
    This Question has kept very busy all kind of Schools of Philosophy, all kind of Paths, Spiritual Teachings, Religions, Self development Systems, etc. All over the World, and for so many years.
    It has to start with an aspiration that is very deep and very serious.
    The desire has to grip your Spirit, your Soul, your Intellect, your Emotions, and your Body.
    It has to be selfless, long, enduring, total and patient.
    The inner process of transformation will then begin to slowly take place within you, whenever you are aware of it or not.
    It will take time.
    After that, the Higher State of Consciousness, which is an inner liberation, is strangely Light, free, detached, and playful.
    It is all encompassing and non judgmental.
    You may want to read : “The Varieties of Religious Experience”, by William James.
    Take care.

  4. This takes years of genuine effort. It is important that the mind must be silent in order for this to occur. This allows attention to develop into consciousness which develops into awareness.
    In order to develop attention it is necessary to divide it into two. This is the beginning stages of meditation. What attention is on, is not important, it can be the body, a sound etc. Let’s say it is a flower. There is attention on the flower and that attention is divided and pointed towards the source of attention at the same time, you (Only define yourself as the source of the attention). All thoughts about the flower are discarded as they are only the mind reacting as a result of being stimulated by the flower, trying to take the space of conscious awareness.
    Upon doing this you enter the ‘I am’ state of now. With consistent efforts a change in consciousness will occur. It can take anywhere from 3 to 40 years. (Hafiz needed 44 years) I have not heard of any cases of it taking less than 3 years. But as time is an illusion to the third eye, it doesn’t really matter.

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