What is a great way to start a persuasive essay about yoga?

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Yoga benefits to be more specific and why people should do yoga.
I’m looking for a good hook. 🙂

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Ashley D

I’d start it with “Yoga is not just for unshowered hippies anymore because…”

Matt Berkes

An attention grabber. “There’s a new pointless thing that hurts your back like hell so you have to take MORE Vicodin than you’re already addicted too! Yay!”


The physical and psychological benefits of yoga:
Use this info. to write your paper and evidence


state the positive of yoga like
-increased strength, flexibility, balance, increased cardiovascular and respiratory capacity, better sleep, more clarity, more energy, better posture, body toning; we feel better, have less stress


I would start by using some sort of yoga Statistics or a question.


I would start with personal experience or if you don’t have that, maybe from what you have read. e.g. Yoga has been my exercise of choice because…. or Yoga is an excellent way to get into shape according to “blah blah”. State 3 benefits in the opening. Use each paragraph to explain those benefits. Close by reemphasizing your main paragraph.


Start with a persuasive technique. like a RHETORICAL QUESTION to get them interested.. e.g. something like have you ever considerd trying Yoga?
– it catches the readers attension/
hope this helps.


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