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What is a good Yoga work out for beginners?

I have been running lately, and recently my knee has been sore, so I am wanting to do something with lower impact. I am thinking about yoga. I had a video once but it was so boring and too hard to do because you can do the poses when you have to look up at the tv to see what they are doing. Anyone have any good ideas for me? Also, I am only looking for about 1/2 hour workouts at a time. And does Yoga really make you lose weight? What are all of the benefits?


  1. A great beginner DVD for yoga is called A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners. Rodney Yee is the host. It’s very basic with simple, easy to follow moves. It will provide good stretches for you and help teach you proper form, which is imperative when you first start. It’s possible to lose weight with yoga but only once you’re able to take power yoga classes. Those classes “kick butt” and you will sweat like crazy. There are so many benefits to yoga. Besides the mental benefits, yoga helps make you flexible and strong. It’s a great addition to any workout routine. Good luck!

  2. yoga is a calming low intense toning workout,as opposed to weight lifting which is a high intensity toning workout…yoga,or hatha yoga as its known as,reprograms your blood circulation and helps the body to de-stress…you can do it daily as often as possible…when combined with a cardio routine like walking,it can become a powerful fat loss tool…i would strongly insist you take flaxseed oil pills to cure your sore knee…brisk walking itself is powerful enough to giv your body a good cardio…you dont hav 2 run…but dont forget that its no use working out if you dont portion control and calorie shift your food intake….god bless u


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