what is a good womens healing crystal?






  1. I must agree with Emirith. The clear Quartz Crystal is usable to heal alot of ailments. But if we knew more about what you’re wanting to heal, it would be easier to get a specific stone or possibly herb to help more. The female members of my Coven actually prefer a Rose Quartz. Good luck and Blessed Be.

  2. I assume you mean crystal crystal? I know amethyst and clear quartz are good for healing. I guess it depends on what you’re looking to heal since many stones and crystals have somewhat specific healing properties. You didn’t really give a specific question, so I’d say clear quartz, it’s a good substitute and can be used for almost anything.

  3. Crystals do not have any effect on a person or their lives. Crystals are just chemical formations based on the properties of the compounds that they are made of and there is no evidence that remotely suggests that any crystal can have any sort of effect on a persons life.
    If you need “healing”, I suggest that you understand the most current medical findings related to what you are suffering from and to seek a competent doctor.

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