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What is a good wish/question for a "psychic reading" that involves tarot cards?…any ideas/suggestions?

Not sure what types of things they can read or how……need some direction on types of Q’s/etc. to ask, or what to expect


  1. Well you don’t make wishes for tarot, and it cannot see into your future, only show you a path to take. If you choose not to take the path then the reading will not be true for you anymore.
    Ask her what path is appropriate for you, in regards to jobs, health, romance, school, etc.
    It really is all about what you need to know from an unbiased third party.

  2. The questions you can ask the tarot are myriad. Most people seem to be stuck in the rut of their love-life, when it comes to questions they ask.
    But other questions you can ask include holidays, education, friendships, etc. For example, you can ask whether or not you should go away to the beach with a friend this summer on a holiday. Or you can ask whether or not a current course you are taking is worth taking and will help you with job prospects in the future.
    I’ve often been asked to perform readings on the health of loved ones, or what steps to take to help resolve a conflict between friends or family. Other questions include finding happiness, and one person wanted guidance with a financial problem.
    If the reason for asking this question is because you are learning how to read the cards… don’t feel that it’s obligatory to use your cards every day. Some times its good to leave them for a day or two. Freshen up – so to speak. Otherwise, if you feel you really need the practice, pick a random item from the newspaper or magazine, and use that as a focus for a question to ask the cards.
    Good luck

  3. Like the other post said Tarot is not something you wish on. You should ask questions that you would like more information on I think the most rewarding readings I’ve given to people were solution readings. Like when someone asks how can they handle someone being mean to them at work. Or how to avoid more conflict between them and someone in their life the tarot will give you great insight on how to handle someone.
    You can ask the cards anything you’d like more information about. The person conducting the reading should be able to guide you with how they do things. Not all readers set up the same. Some need to know your birth date and the people you’re asking about birth date so they can better concentrate on your energies. So talk to the person doing the reading they would help you formulate your question. Yes/No questions are best to be avoided – although some readers don’t mind doing yes/no reads.

  4. Hello Ann
    There are so many questions you can ask for readings, and to get the best out of your reading you need to think about what areas of your life you would like to know most about. Or, in general you could just ask for a reading to see what the cards have for you in general with regards to what is going on in your life now and what is coming up in your life.
    Career, Children/Pregnancy, Finances, Home, Health, Love/Romance, Travelling, What is coming up for you within the next 12 months etc.
    I wish you all the best.
    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

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